We offer 3 Level of Stylist
                       Junior Senior and Master
Our Stylist levels are determined by the years of experience, The amount of continuing education and the client retention of each Stylist. 
                     Prices are subject to change according to length and amount of product usage.  Please discuss with your stylist, any concerns you may have about the pricing.  We have a 24 hour cash return policy if you are unhappy with any service.

                         Master Stylist

Shampoo/Cut/blow dry- $40.00                          Men's Cut- $25.00
Shampoo/Cut-$30.00                                        Children under 13 $20.00
Shampoo/Style- $30.00                                     with wash and blow dry
Single Process Color- $60.00                                       $30.00
Partial Foil-$70.00                                             Waxing
Full Foil- $100.00  additional toner- $5.00          (Lip/Chin/Eyebrows)
Cap Highlight-$65.00                                                  $10.00
Permanent Wave-$65.00                                     Formal Up do Style
Relaxer-$85.00                                                        $65.00 and up
          Senior Stylist

Shampoo/Cut/blow dry- $35.00
Single Process Color-$55.00
Partial Foil-$65.00
Full Foil-$95.00  additional toner -
Cap Highlight-$60.00
Permanent Wave- $60.00
Men's Cut-$20.00
Children under 13- $20.00 with wash and blow dry- $25.00
Formal Up do Style- $60.00 and up

    Junior Stylist

Shampoo/Cut/blow dry- $30.00
Single Process color- $50.00
Partial foil- $60.00
Full Foil- $90.00 additional toner-$5.00
Cap Highlight-$55.00
Permanent Wave- $50.00
Relaxer- $75.00
Men's Cut- $15.00
Children under 13-$15.00 with wash and blow dry-$20.00
Wax (Lip/Chin/Eyebrows)-$10.00
Formal Up do Style-$55.00 and up

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